Snapshot #163 | 10 Things for 4 October 2020


1. watching… the cat watch the neighbourhood squirrels. (They’ve been digging in our flowerpots. Lucy’s appalled.)
2. feeling… autumnal. I’m ready to break out the boots and hats, but the weather’s not quite cooperating yet.
3. having… a weirdly productive storm day.
4. hoping… to get some good light over the next couple of days.
5. making… these oatmeal bars.
6. trying… to figure out what’s going on with the photo gear I ordered in August.
7. realizing… that I haven’t looked at some of my favourite blogs since spring. Normally, I’d try to catch up… and I still might, but it feels a bit daunting. I’m probably just going to skim the feed this week and call it done. (That said: if I missed anything really important, let me know in the comments.)
8. getting… ready for Thanksgiving. It actually feels pretty normal. (We generally keep it pretty low-key anyway.)
9. starting… to thin out my book collection. Why is this so difficult?
10. resetting.