Inspired | September 2020

Every month, I share the articles and sites that I found most interesting. Here’s what caught my attention in September: social media for creators, cities and catastrophe, and more. (Links marked with ($) may be behind a paywall.)

6 Simple Tips For Creators Who Want A Healthier Relationship With Social Media by Leesy Whitehurst: “Give the world your gifts and then get out of there.”

American horror story: how the US lost its grip on pop culture by Steve Rose: Trump, Covid and streaming have weakened the country’s cultural dominance – and artists around the world are filling the gap

Get Ready for the Great Urban Comeback ($) by Derek Thompson

The 21st-century city is the child of catastrophe. The comforts and infrastructure we take for granted were born of age-old afflictions: fire, flood, pestilence. Our tall buildings, our subways, our subterranean conduits, our systems for bringing water in and taking it away, our building codes and public-health regulations—all were forged in the aftermath of urban disasters by civic leaders and citizen visionaries.

The Lost Year: Six Average People Shared What They’ve Lost This Year Due To The Coronavirus: To mark six months since the pandemic was officially declared, BuzzFeed News has published The Lost Year series: a collection of six profiles of six people from six age groups across the US to see what toll the coronavirus has taken on their lives.

What’s the most interesting thing you saw online this month?