Out of Office – September 2020

Another year, another storm.

This year, it’s Hurricane Teddy. The wind is starting to pick up, and the rain has started, but the storm itself isn’t going to hit until later today or overnight. (It’ll probably be a post-tropical storm at that point, but still strong.) I’m ready—everything’s tied down and all batteries are charged, I’ve got snacks and books—but as usual, I expect to lose power at some point.

I’ll update this post if something big happens, and I’ll check in very occasionally, but mostly I’m going to be offline for the next little while.

See you on the other side.

Update (23 Sept/20): … and we’re back! No damage here, and the lights only flickered a bit… which feels a bit surreal, considering some of the photos I’ve seen. But I’m not complaining! Back to regularly scheduled (read: intermittent) programming.