Snapshot #162 | 10 Things for 20 September 2020


1. taking… care of some clutter.
2. feeling… exhausted. I’ve done more physical work this past week than I have in years. (It’s been like moving, but without getting an actual new apartment out of the deal.)
3. going… for a (socially-distant, outdoor) coffee date with a friend for the first time since January. It was nice, but I don’t think I’m ready for that sort of interaction yet.
4. starting… my Christmas shopping. In September. 2020 is weird.
5. making… sure everything is ready for the storm.
6. adjusting… my daily and weekly routines, in order to bring them back in line with my long-term goals and prevent burnout.
7. getting… myself a little gift. (And being intentionally vague about it. I’m thrilled, but I want to finish setting it up before I show it to you guys.)
8. drifting… back to hot coffee in the office, which is fine, but there’s a bit of trial and error as I remember ratios and grind sizes. (Translation: I’m a little overcaffeinated right now.)
9. trying… these banana bread waffles. So good—definitely going into the regular rotation. (I left out the chocolate chips and dried cranberries, because that felt like a little too much for breakfast.)
10. thinking… about how to turn all this inspiration into action.