Snapshot #161 | 10 Things for 6 September 2020


1. getting… ready for the next stage of decluttering.
2. feeling… kind of giddy. And anxious, in a good way. (Mostly.) Things are starting to get interesting around here.
3. needing… to start managing my time better. Things keep getting away from me.
4. realizing… that, because I only go to the supermarket once every two weeks now (and I’m not taking taxis when I do), I have to figure out my Christmas baking immediately or risk having to haul all the ingredients home in the middle of a snowstorm.
5. wondering… why I’ve got so much stuff going on next week.
6. going… into planning mode. (There’s a bit of daydreaming in there, too.)
7. making… veggie burgers from scratch. They weren’t terrible! (That’s actually high praise. I was worried. I’ll make them again, with a few adjustments.)
8. spotting… the bird that’s been hanging around! It’s a common flicker.
9. wishing… that this city wasn’t so car-centric. (This is kind of a constant thing for me, but especially this last week.)
10. starting… to look forward to hot coffee on a regular basis again. Maybe even enough to venture out to the coffee shop. (For takeout. I’m not a monster.)