Snapshot #159 | 10 Things for 9 August 2020


1. figuring… out a way to track my writing (and outlining, and editing) in my bullet journal that actually clicks for me.
2. talking… myself out of splurging on a new camera just because it’s on sale. And gorgeous. (Is it time for an upgrade? Kind of? But right now, I’d rather work with the tools I have.) (Still tempting though.)
3. rebuilding… my routine. It’s not the same, but it’s good.
4. spending… so much time waiting for deliveries these days. (The one time I had to go out this week, I managed to miss the UPS guy by ten minutes.)
5. starting… the first draft of the formerly-untitled crime thing, now known as ‘Birthday Girl.’ (Does the title have anything to do with the story? Maybe! Does it let me talk about the story without being so long-winded? Yes!)
6. taking… advantage of cool mornings to get some baking done, because the afternoons are miserably hot.
7. trying… to figure out the logistics of taking the cat for a checkup.
8. clearing… my entire television backlog. For the first time in years, I am completely caught up. (Now on to all the shows I’ve wanted to watch, but haven’t had time to start.)
9. getting… better at sewing masks.
10. missing… movie theatres.