Snapshot #158 | 10 Things for 26 July 2020


1. finishing… library books minutes before they’re due back.
2. learning… my way around new software.
3. making… gelato (last week) and ice cream (this week).
4. working… on the outline for the as-yet-untitled crime drama. If all goes well, I’ll be able to start writing the first week of August. I can’t wait.
5. feeling… relieved. And incredibly motivated.
6. organizing… a decade’s worth of printed photos. (Every photo I took when I used film.)
7. hating… grocery shopping. I’ve never been a fan, but the last few weeks have been the worst. (An awful lot of people seem to think everything’s suddenly back to normal.)
8. loving… the new Taylor Swift album.
9. revamping… the photo portfolio. I’m going minimalist this time around.
10. looking… forward to the week.

(And a bit of housekeeping: there won’t be an ‘Inspired’ post this month. I honestly don’t have enough links to justify it, so I’ll roll what I did find into August’s post. 🖤)