Snapshot #157 | 10 Things for 12 July 2020


1. realizing… that I haven’t made ice cream yet this year. It’s July. Time to look at some recipes.
2. making… new wallpapers for all my devices.
3. baking… the DoubleTree cookie recipe. It’s very good.
4. suspecting… that my social media hiatus is going to be permanent, at least on some services. I’m enjoying the peace too much.
5. cleaning… out my closet. I was ruthless this time around: no matter how much I love something, if I don’t wear it, it’s gone. If I did wear something even though I hate it, it’s gone.
6. daydreaming… about the things I miss. Like IKEA. (Yeah, they’ve reopened here, but I’m not visiting indoor public spaces unless I have to.)
7. getting… (a little) better about keeping a (somewhat) consistent journal.
8. finishing… the most recent edits to TMS, and getting ready to dive back into the still-untitled thing.
9. starting… to catch up on the backlog that’s built up during the last few months. Blog posts, podcasts… I’m getting there. Slowly.
10. finding… my motivation again. The last few weeks… it feels like I’m actually doing stuff, and it’s good.