Snapshot #154 | 10 Things for 31 May 2020

Close up of a whisk with whipped coffee. Photo by Reghan Skerry.


1. trying… to think of a new title for The Black Sun. (I knew I’d have to eventually, but it’s become urgent and I’m terrible at titles.)
2. feeling… numb.
3. giving… up on making my sourdough starter, at least for now. It was causing too much stress.
4. spotting… a cardinal! I’ve been hearing them since I moved into this apartment, but for such a bright bird, they’re surprisingly good at hiding. (I wasn’t able to get a photo, annoyingly.)
5. ordering… a 20kg bag of flour from a restaurant supplier, because this is what things have come to.
6. waiting… not-so-patiently for the mail.
7. getting… to inbox zero for the first time since March.
8. remembering… (again) that I sometimes frequently make things too difficult for myself.
9. starting… to think about cold brew. Soon.
10. taking… a few photos. It feels good.