Snapshot #153 | 10 Things for 17 May 2020


1. falling… further down the ‘plant parent’ rabbit hole. (I think it’s the whole being-stuck-indoors thing. Hopefully sheer will can make up for the lack of natural light in the apartment.)
2. rationing… the ink in my new favourite pen. (Normally I can buy them locally, but not right now, and it looks like if I want more I might have to order from Japan.)
3. discovering… that my local farmer’s market has started delivering. I’m thrilled.
4. planning… everything—meals, grocery runs, gift buying—two weeks to a month in advance, even though nothing’s happening day-to-day.
5. working… on the website. Still. Not sure when I’ll finish this particular version, but I’m having fun with it.
6. finishing… the readthrough of Violet Lane. I’m not entirely sure what I think about it.
7. waiting… not-so-patiently for my sourdough starter to do something. Anything. (At least it hasn’t died yet? How is everyone else in the world so good at this?)
8. starting… to feel a bit motivated again. It’s only been, what? Two months?
9. making… banana bread. I’m becoming a cliché.
10. switching… to a different tarot deck, because I seem to have fallen out of sync with my usual one. (I thought that was new-agey nonsense, but apparently not. Daily readings suddenly got a lot more accurate when I switched.)