Snapshot #152 | 10 Things for 3 May 2020


1. sorting… out the problem that’s been giving me grief since the beginning of April. I think. Fingers crossed. (I’ve been assured it’s fixed, but haven’t tested it yet.)
2. going… for my first run of 2020. It was… really good? I don’t know if it was because of the Nike Run Club pep talk, or the Birds of Prey soundtrack, or just being outdoors, but it was the best run I’ve ever had.
3. baking… a cake.
4. discovering… that when the city changed the name of my street last year it didn’t, in fact, make it easier for emergency services to find us like it was supposed to. Might’ve helped if anyone had told the fire department about the change. (Everything’s fine. It was a false alarm. Still had to wait outside for twenty minutes, six feet from all my neighbours.)
5. finding… a little bit of inspiration in the middle of a lot of frustration.
6. admitting… that I picked a terrible time to go so dramatically blonde. My roots are out of control.
7. finishing… the jigsaw puzzle that’s been sitting (half-finished) in one of those roll-up puzzle keeper things for a year and a half.
8. starting… to read through Violet Lane. Finally.
9. watching… this video. Several times. It’s delightful.
10. making… another attempt at sourdough starter. It’s time to accept that the method I keep trying (from a usually super-reliable source) just doesn’t work, at least not for me. Bread-making geniuses: if you made your own starter, what method did you use? Tell me your secrets!