Snapshot #151 | 10 Things for 19 April 2020


1. thinking… about what happens next. (In a good way.)
2. sitting… on hold for half an hour trying to fix a monumentally stupid problem, and resenting every second of it. (I’m not a phone person.)
3. eating… way too much Easter candy. I don’t even know how—I don’t feel like I bought that much.
4. having… my first COVID-19 stress dream. (Someone sat at the table next to mine in a coffee shop, and it felt so deeply wrong. It might’ve also been a dream about how much I miss coffee shops.)
5. setting… up a new bullet journal, even though time has lost all meaning.
6. trying… some more new recipes. These ones have been more successful.
7. falling… down weird research rabbit holes. It’s been kind of fun.
8. making… masks. After some trial and error, it might actually be helping me find my way back to sewing in general. So that’s good?
9. using… Pinterest again. I really wish there was an alternative, but it’s the best solution for what I need to do.
10. starting… to think I should take up crochet or knitting or something. (I probably won’t, but I’m seriously considering it for the first time in my life.)