Snapshot #150 | 10 Things for 5 April 2020

The Lockdown Edition! Currently…

1. daydreaming… about the balcony. The tent went up for my nearest garden centre this weekend, so I might actually have some plants out there this year. (I didn’t think I’d manage it.)
2. brainstorming… the new story. It’s going to be fun.
3. finding… bread flour, through some miracle. (I love that everyone is discovering the joys of breadmaking—and hell, I’ll be trying my luck at a sourdough starter again in a week or two—but I hate that it’s suddenly so hard to find flour.)
4. getting… some incredible notes on The Black Sun. I’m beaming.
5. wishing… the super would fix the buzzer in my building. It would be nice if delivery people could actually get our attention right now. (It’s been broken all year, so he can’t blame the shutdown.)
6. reading… more romance than usual. Those guaranteed happily-ever-afters are exactly what I need right now.
7. tackling… the email backlog. I’ve been terrible about my inbox since the middle of March, so if I owe you a response… I’m sorry. I’ll get there soon.
8. trying… some new recipes, to mixed success.
9. loving… my new coffee maker. It’s honestly the best drip machine I’ve ever used.
10. starting… to see real progress in my tarot studies.