Black and white photo of a dark building with white-framed windows. Photo by Reghan Skerry.

Project366: #251-260


It’s funny, how quickly autumn has snuck up on me. It’s not just the way I’ve suddenly (finally!) got to shift away from all-flowers-all-the-time—the light is changing (or disappearing entirely), my routines are changing, all of it.

I love it.

I mean, yeah, it’s a challenge, trying to find subjects when I’ve been running on autopilot for months. I haven’t got the hang of it quite yet—and I probably won’t before this beautiful light is gone entirely, which is a bit annoying—but it’s something different.

I’m starting to feel the spark again.

(Project366 runs from 23 January 2019 through 23 January 2020. I’ll posting to Instagram daily, and rounding up the photos here every ten days.)

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