Month: October 2019

  • Sketchbook #48

    I thought that October was going to be busy, that there were a lot of things that would get in the way of my creative goals.

    It turned out to be even busier than I expected: I’ve only had one full week without interruptions (even today they’re testing the fire alarms in my building, which is always a joy—that’s why I’m working on this blog post instead of fiction), I’ve had inconvenient (but not serious) health issues crop up, and it’s just been generally difficult to stay motivated.

    But I did it.

  • Inspired | October 2019

    Every month, I share the articles and sites that I found most interesting. Here’s what caught my attention in October.

  • Project366: #261-270

    Project366: #261-270

    Less than one hundred days left to go in this particular project, and I’m starting to wonder what comes next.

  • Snapshot #138 | 10 Things for 20 October 2019

    The last two weeks have been eventful. I’ve been: putting | reaching | falling | planning | emptying | thinking | starting | feeling | realizing | finding

  • Project366: #251-260

    Project366: #251-260

    It’s funny, how quickly autumn has snuck up on me. It’s not just the way I’ve suddenly (finally!) got to shift away from all-flowers-all-the-time—the light is changing (or disappearing entirely), my routines are changing, all of it.

  • Snapshot #137 | 10 Things for 6 October 2019

    So. The last two weeks. I’ve been: thinking | baking | reminding | daydreaming | digging | wishing | making | abandoning | trying | running

  • Project366: #241-250

    Project366: #241-250

    I’ve stopped worrying about all the flower photos. They’re pretty enough, and very soon I won’t have a choice; I’ll have to branch out. The flowers aren’t going to last much longer. Even the ones in this batch are starting to feel very autumnal to me.

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