Project366: #201-210

Monarch butterfly on a purple flower. Photo by Reghan Skerry.

Let’s just pretend that I didn’t fall behind on this group of photos, ok? (I’m officially caught up as of this evening. I won’t say that I’ll try not to do it again, because we all know how that’ll work out.)

Let’s just focus on the butterfly. I’m absurdly proud of the butterfly photo.

And, really, I’m ridiculously happy with this group. Subject-wise, they’re nothing special, but I like (most of) them. I’m starting to see a shift in the way I edit photos lately, and… I like that, too. (And I’ve been waiting for the right moment for that crane photo since the day it went up.)

(Project366 runs from 23 January 2019 through 23 January 2020. I’ll posting to Instagram daily, and rounding up the photos here every ten days.)