Project366: #191-200

Close up of succulent plants. Photo by Reghan Skerry.

I’m finally starting to break out of the all-flowers-all-the-time photography rut! And I’m a little bit in love with a couple of these photos.

Pretty good, considering I was stuck inside for a few of these days, and I relied on my phone for a few more.

I’m not ready to celebrate just yet. I know I’ll be back to flowers soon enough. But for now, I’m happy.

(Project366 runs from 23 January 2019 through 23 January 2020. I’ll posting to Instagram daily, and rounding up the photos here every ten days.)

2 responses to “Project366: #191-200”

  1. Hi Reghan, good to see Lucy again! I’ve been witness of your progress through here and on instagram. I must say that your photos are getting better and now portray intention. I believe this year’s 366 project has been one of transformation on your craft. I can see it on these pictures.

    Stay inspired!

    To our creativity,


    1. Oh, wow! I’ve been thinking a lot about the craft of photography lately, and figuring out how to translate what I’m learning into actual practice, and I’m glad it’s making a difference. It’s sometimes hard to see that in my own work, so the outside perspective helps a lot. Thank you so much, Ernesto!