Project366: #181-190

Black and white photo of poppy seed heads. Photo by Reghan Skerry.

If nothing else, this week has been a reminder that I really need to invest in a new camera. I’ve resisted for a long time—I loathe the wastefulness of replacing technology before I absolutely have to, and my DSLR is still serving me well. I started on film SLRs (well, I started on a cheap plastic 110, which I got as a prize for selling the most wrapping paper at an elementary school fundraiser, but I eventually moved on to real SLRs), and I still like the feeling of a real viewfinder better than looking at a screen. Switching to mirrorless doesn’t really appeal to me, even if I do sigh over how beautiful some of the cameras themselves are. (I’m shallow. I know.)

Plus, I’ve got a weird tendency to get emotionally attached to things like cameras and computers. Even when they do eventually fail, it takes me a while to move on.

But my DSLR is heavy. I’ve flat-out refused to carry it a few times this week, because it’s been so hot and humid and the idea of lugging that thing around (in a backpack, because, again: heavy, and my smaller camera bag doesn’t have a place for a water bottle) was too much to bear.

Upgrading my gear was a vague goal of mine for this year, and I’m still not sure how feasible it really is. (At least not without dipping into savings earmarked for something else.) No matter what, it’s not going to happen before this heatwave ends, so I don’t have to panic, but… I guess it’s time to start making plans.

(Project366 runs from 23 January 2019 through 23 January 2020. I’ll posting to Instagram daily, and rounding up the photos here every ten days.)

2 responses to “Project366: #181-190”

  1. I owned and used SLRs / DSLs for 30 years. I use my camera for work and I too got tired of lugging all the gear around and having a stiff neck at the of the day.
    I ditched all my Nikon gear and switched to a mirrorless camera (Fuji – because I too am drawn by aesthetics ), and I have never regretted it. Initially I had a big zoom lens, but I lightened things further, and now I only carry two primes. I love that what I see in the electronic viewfinder (I don’t use the screen) is pretty much exactly what I’ll get.
    Rent or borrow a mirrorless, give it a bit of time to get used to it. You won’t regret it.
    Switching to a mirrorless camera has rejuvenated my interest in photography.

    1. That’s fantastic to hear! I’ll start researching the options (and thanks for reminding me about rentals! I always forget about that), and see how soon I can make the leap. (And, yeah: I’m leaning toward Fuji. I like the look of some of the Olympus models, too, but everyone who uses Fuji raves about the quality.)