Month: August 2019

  • Project366: #211-220

    Project366: #211-220

    Routine is the killer.

    I kind of knew that before.

  • Inspired | August 2019

    Every month, I share the articles and sites that I found most interesting. Here’s what caught my attention in August.

  • Sketchbook #46

    I ended last month’s creative review by wondering if it might be time for a reset. I knew I had to figure out some stuff with how I manage my time, and I had to figure out what I was going to do about Violet Lane. From a technical standpoint, I was happy with the photos I’d been taking, but from a creative standpoint, I was getting bored.

    I must have forgotten about all that as soon as I wrote it, because when I sat down to write today’s review, I was sure that this funk I’m in has only been a couple of weeks. Not a couple of months.

  • Snapshot #134 | 10 Things for 25 August 2019

    So… these haven’t been the best weeks. I’ve been: starting | trying | making | forgetting | spending | reevaluating | finding | wishing | exploring | hoping

  • Project366: #201-210

    Project366: #201-210

    Let’s just pretend that I didn’t fall behind on this group of photos, ok?

  • Project366: #191-200

    Project366: #191-200

    I’m finally starting to break out of the all-flowers-all-the-time photography rut! And I’m a little bit in love with a couple of these photos.

  • Snapshot #133 | 10 Things for 11 August 2019

    The last two weeks have been pretty good. I’ve been: trying | making | catching | worrying | going | missing | watching | buying | seeing | waiting

  • Project366: #181-190

    Project366: #181-190

    If nothing else, this week has been a reminder that I really need to invest in a new camera.

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