Project366: #121-130

Black and white photo of a dahlia flower. Photo by Reghan Skerry.

I managed to get away from bright flower photos in the past ten days, at least. Mostly.

And am I imagining things, or has WordPress started squishing rectangular photos to fit in the square thumbnails? (Is it WordPress, or just the CSS in the theme I’m currently using?) It wasn’t doing that before, and if it’s going to keep happening, I’m going to have to make some changes.

[UPDATE: Based on the comments, I’m moving over to the new block editor in WordPress, and that’s fixed the problem.]

(Project366 runs from 23 January 2019 through 23 January 2020. I’ll posting to Instagram daily, and rounding up the photos here every ten days.)

4 responses to “Project366: #121-130”

  1. I’ve noticed that the WordPress Gallery function does strange things to images, is that what you are using?

    I use the Jetpack gallery function, and (so far) I’ve not noticed any messing with the images, though the calculations they are using to get everything aligned seem to be a little off with some portrait orientation images protruding below adjacent landscape oriented images.

    1. That is what I’m using. I haven’t run into that issue yet, but I have noticed it when I was looking through the themes. It’s frustrating.

  2. The new block editor has different styling for galleries – hence the cropped squares.

    1. Ah! Thank you – that hadn’t occurred to me. (I’m still stubbornly using the older editor.) Still annoying, but it’s good to know what’s going on before I start digging into my redesign plans.