Snapshot #127 | 10 Things for 19 May 2019


1. starting… to pick up supplies for the balcony garden. It’s always a challenge (between the light and the nearby oak trees that try to murder the competition, nothing seems to want to grow out there), but I live in hope.
2. moving… forward with my big scary photo project. Small steps, but in the right direction.
3. thinking… about my creative process, and the things I want to make—in both writing and photography. Exciting things are coming. (Eventually. These things take time.)
4. getting… ready to update my inspiration board.
5. deciding… that I hate the little rubber backs that come on enamel pins now. They’re too easy to lose. (At least I noticed before I lost the pin, too.)
6. accepting… that it’s time to make some updates to the site design around here. I’ve been dancing around the idea for a while, mostly wondering if I was just procrastinating on other things, but… yeah. It’s time. I’m still deciding if it’s a full revamp, or just a refresh.
7. chipping… away at the podcast backlog. Again. (Always.)
8. looking… for a good baby-name site, with historical and demographic data and a good recommendation engine. (For naming characters. Not babies.) I used Nymbler for years, but I kind of hate how it works since the redesign.
9. setting… deadlines.
10. making… a new running playlist. The old one just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

2 responses to “Snapshot #127 | 10 Things for 19 May 2019”

  1. I keep meaning to look at the podcasts I follow, and find some new ones. Every time I look, I just end up browsing, and not picking anything.

    1. I’ve had to get picky about the podcasts I follow and drop some of the ones that I either never listened to, or that I listened to but didn’t pay attention to. At this point, I won’t even consider something over half an hour unless it’s really good – they just build up and make me feel vaguely guilty.