Month: March 2019

  • Inspired | March 2019

    Every month, I share the articles and sites that I found most interesting. Here’s what caught my attention in March.

  • Sketchbook #41

    It’s the end of March! And, since it’s also the end of the first quarter of 2019, this feels like a particularly significant creative check-in. I’m trying to focus on 90-day goals this year, or at least breaking down my bigger goals into smaller milestones, and… well, the end of March is my first big deadline of the year.

  • Project366: #51-60

    Project366: #51-60

    So, after a very good batch of photos, the last ten days have been… pretty average. There’s one or two that I’m very happy with, and a couple that I’m very much not happy with.

  • Snapshot #123 | 10 Things for 24 March 2019

    The last two weeks have been hectic. I’ve been: loving | worrying | realizing | looking | trying | making | realizing | spending | giving | feeling

  • Project366: #41-50

    Project366: #41-50

    This was the first week (I’m using the word ‘week’ loosely, just work with me here) in which I was genuinely happy with (almost) every single photo I took. In fact, this week includes one of my very favourite photos ever. (Not the oranges. That’s just my favourite for this post.)

    So that’s nice!

  • Snapshot #122 | 10 Things for 10 March 2019

    The last two weeks have been… kind of awesome, actually. I’ve been: talking | looking | loving | shovelling | sleeping | daydreaming | approaching | figuring | troubleshooting | falling

  • Project366: #31-40

    Project366: #31-40

    I’ve been using my instant cameras a little more often, which is a lot of fun, but… it’s weird.

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