Month: February 2019

  • Inspired | February 2019

    Every month, I share the articles and sites that I found most interesting. Here’s what caught my attention in February.

  • Sketchbook #40

    Sketchbook #40

    In a lot of ways, February is when my real work starts—even in a good year, it takes me a few weeks to find my routines and start moving forward again with my writing, or photography, or… whatever.

    This year, February has been a very good month.

  • Snapshot #121 | 10 Things for 24 February 2019

    It’s been a good two weeks. I’ve been: going | thinking | making | trying | reevaluating | remembering | finishing | feeling | starting | getting

  • Project366: #21-30

    Project366: #21-30

    I was all ready to say I’d made it through ten days without falling back on a cat photo… but then I realized I did take a picture of Lucy.

    Ah well. What’s the internet for, if not cat photos?

  • Project366: #11-20

    Project366: #11-20

    This is where things start to get tricky. I’ve been taking photos every day for three weeks, and… I’m starting to run out of ideas.

  • Snapshot #120 | 10 Things for 10 February 2019

    This has been a weird couple of weeks. Not in a bad way, but my schedule is… kind of a mess. I’ve been: thinking | stocking | accepting | wondering | eating | making | standing | getting | trying | looking

  • Project366: #1-10

    Project366: #1-10

    I was genuinely nervous to start this 366 project. Like… if I hadn’t announced it here, I might have backed out at the last minute. I was tempted.

    But I’m so glad I got over myself and started.

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