The 2018 Reboot | Week 13 Check-In

It’s really starting to hit me, how close we are to the end of the year—and how close I am to the end of this little(?) project.

I’m also realizing that I never really set a clear end-date for this, beyond “the end of the year.” There are just over three weeks left in 2018; I’ve fallen into the habit of doing a weekly review of the reboot process on Wednesdays… and I probably won’t be posting one on Boxing Day, because that is one of the few days a year when I do absolutely nothing and manage to not feel even a little bit guilty about it.

That brings it down to two weeks.

I kind of feel like that should freak me out, but it doesn’t.

I’m sure I’ll have more to say about it in the next couple of weeks, but this has been a really good project for me, and I’m really pleased with how well it seems to have worked.

(Of course… there’s still two weeks left. That’s still plenty of time to freak out.)

The individual goals:

Clarify my long-term goals, in writing, photography, and in general.
I talked about this a little in November’s sketchbook, but the short version is: I think I’m getting there. It’s still a work in progress, and I feel like it probably will be all month (and possibly into January), but… I’m on the right track.

Find a way to structure my time in order to support my bigger goals (creative and otherwise).
I’m going to look at my overall progress here, rather than the last week, because I’m still recovering from November and December is weird anyway. And… it’s good. I think I’ve finally got a handle on this; I’m really looking forward to testing it out properly in January.

Develop workflows for writing and photography. And blogging.
I’m still in the same place I was two weeks ago: I think I’ve got a handle on my writing workflow. Photography is up in the air until I figure out what I’m doing with photography.

Experiment with productivity and journalling systems, and find something that works for me.
… I think I’ve done it?

I’ve been really happy with my systems lately, and I’ve hit the point where further experiments and fine-tuning start to feel like perfectionism, rather than progress.

However. I’m also going to have to start setting things up for 2019 very soon, and… yeah. I’m going to be changing how I organize some of this stuff, and I know it’s going to work, but there’s always a bit of nervousness that comes with setting up a new notebook.

Finish the work on the office.
I’ve already mentioned that finishing the work on the office isn’t going to happen by the end of the year, and I’m pretty much fine with that. I do have a couple of small projects I’d still like to tackle in here before Christmas, but other than that, I can live with the progress I’ve made so far, at least until the new year.


  1. Ernesto says:

    Keep up the good work! I’m glad to see that you found a journaling system that works. On that note, that’s something that I would like to know more about. Perhaps it could make me write more often.

    Wish you success with your goals.



    1. Reghan says:


      I’m definitely going to go into detail about the journalling system I’ve cobbled together at some point soon. It always seems like it should be such a straightforward thing – it’s just journalling! – but it’s taken forever to find something that feels like it clicks for me.

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