Snapshot #113 | 10 Things for 4 November 2018


1. starting… to panic. I haven’t settled on any of my Christmas baking plans. (Actually, I’m panicking a little bit at how close the holidays are in general.)
2. feeling… feverish. The most recent cold was very brief, but intense.
3. debating… the merits of various notebooks.
4. making… apple pie. And remembering why I don’t make fruit pies very often (they stress me out). It’s not pretty, but it tastes good.
5. craving… silence.
6. reminding… myself that I can still hit 50,000 words for NaNo, even though I’ve only had one good writing day so far.
7. enduring… construction on my building and fire alarm tests.
8. getting… annoyed with Pinterest again. It’s a cycle.
9. looking… forward to a normal week.
10. buying… post-its and highlighters. (So many post-its and highlighters!)