NaNoWriMo 2018 Diary | Prep Week 3

The plan was to start writing this week.

That… didn’t happen.

I did finish the character work I had planned; I know who the core group of characters are, and what roles they play in the story. In theory, I could have started writing on Thursday… and I sat down to do just that, but then I realized that I was missing a massive part of my opening scene. It’s not exactly the inciting incident (though I’m not a fan of that term), but it is the thing that triggers that incident.

If that makes any sense.

Anyway, I started brainstorming that thing, which turned into brainstorming some of the backstory that I hadn’t quite figured out yet (specifically, the reason why one of my characters decides to do a thing, even though she knows that it’s going to put her and everyone she cares about in danger). And that very nearly led to revising the entire timeline of the story, but then certain important details (like most of my secondary characters) didn’t make any sense, and… yeah.

I didn’t start writing this week.

However. I did figure out that tricky bit of backstory, in a way that doesn’t break the rest of the story. I figured out how to make the timeline work. And I’ve started to figure out the thing that kicks off the story. I’m not quite there yet, but… I’ve got enough. Not enough to start writing, but enough that, if I let it simmer over the weekend, I should know what’s going on come Monday.


(Don’t forget: I’m always looking for writing buddies! Feel free to add me, and, if you’d like, say ‘hi!’ via NaNo mail. I’m usually available for motivation or commiseration.)