Snapshot #107 | 10 Things for 12 August 2018


1. reaching… my limit with the heat wave. It’s officially making me miserable, and I want it to be over. (The humidity’s been a little less oppressive this weekend, so I’m hoping things’ll start to improve.)
2. feeling… anxious. It’s fine. It’s all fine.
3. sitting… outside and eating ice cream by candlelight. (See #1. It’s the one nice thing about the weather lately.)
4. organizing… ten years’ worth of old analogue photos. It’s not too bad (they’re mostly in order already, I’m just culling the duplicates and genuinely bad photos and moving the rest from envelopes into proper boxes), but… it’s a weird experience.
5. watching… all the shows I didn’t get to during the regular season. So many series finales are making me cry—in the best way—this year.
6. thinking… of new ideas.
7. getting… ready to send The Black Sun off to my beta readers. 😳
8. falling… behind on my podcasts. Let’s be honest: it was only a matter of time.
9. finding… the last few (big) pieces for the office redo. It’s all details from here.
10. missing… the merlins. Now that the little ones have left the nest, the original pair has moved on. Hopefully, they’ll be back next year.

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    1. 😄 Yeah, that one’s my favourite!