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Portfolio Update: Florals in B&W

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There’s a new project in the Portfolio!

The biggest surprise of my current photo project has been how much I love taking pictures of plants and flowers in black and white. Flowers are one of my favourite subjects anyway (especially this time of year!), but I thought it might get boring without colour. It hasn’t.

I expect I’ll be adding to this particular gallery as the summer goes on, but for now I couldn’t resist putting my favourite photos in one place. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Portfolio Update: Florals in B&W

  1. Totally agree Reghan, Black and white is giving an atmosphere who will be hard to match in colors. For me it is focusing on the essential. Like grainy bw with very deep black and white, and not a scale of grey. Cheers Reghan. Serge – @sagwadloup

    1. Exactly! I love the way black and white forces me to slow down and consider the subject more carefully – I can’t just rely on the bright colours that initially catch my eye.

      (And I’ve always loved high contrasts in my black and white photos. Smooth greys are nice, and that’s what I’ll try for sometimes, but I prefer dramatic contrast.)

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