Snapshot #101 | 10 Things for 20 May 2018


1. working… on those behind-the-scenes projects I mentioned. I’ll be ready to launch very soon, and I’m so excited to share them with you guys!
2. processing… my post-Infinity War emotions. They’re… complex. (In a good way!)
3. hemming… curtains. The excitement never ends.
4. thinking… about Violet Lane. I’m not ready to give up on it, but it still doesn’t feel like I’m on the right track with it.
5. building… a proper running routine for the summer. Finally!
6. starting… the annual search for a sunscreen I don’t hate. (If you have a suggestion, let me know in the comments! I need something that keeps me ghostly-pale without leaving chalky white stains on all my black clothes.)
7. getting… over myself. At least a little.
8. troubleshooting… weird phone issues.
9. considering… a new design for the site. Which is absurd—I like the current design, it’s functional, and it hasn’t even been a full year since the last redesign—but I’m fickle and easily distracted by shiny things.
10. daydreaming… about homemade ice cream. Soon.