Sketchbook #30

Do or Do Not | Reghan Skerry

February was one of those months that just… didn’t work for me. That one week in the middle—something like a vacation, but not quite—threw me off my game for the entire month. I had a hard time being productive the week before (because I knew I’d be taking a break, so I didn’t want to build momentum only to lose it again), and I struggled to find my stride again after.

I really need to find a way to work around interruptions like that. They’re a real struggle for me, and I’ve never been able to figure out a way to integrate them into my creative process.


After finishing the first draft of The Black Sun (NaNo ’17), I’ve been very carefully not thinking about it at all, letting it sit while I (hopefully) get enough distance to look at it again without hating it. Instead, I’ve been brainstorming for Violet Lane (NaNo ’16, formerly known as The Persistence of Memory), and trying to make the story work the way I want it to. I’ve mentioned it before, but that’s going to be a complete rewrite, rather than just an edit: I’m getting rid of one storyline entirely, eliminating a lot of characters, and… it’s going to be a completely different story, built on the same premise.

I’m hoping to start the rewrite in March, but the outline is going slower than I’d hoped, so… we’ll see.

Now. Photography. I’m still not really doing anything (I still haven’t even looked at Instagram, and I’m feeling guilty about that), but that’s about to change! Like… on Thursday.

Here’s the plan: one photo a day, from 1 March to 9 June (100 days). Black and white only. No restrictions on the camera, but I’m going to try to use a real camera more often than my phone. I’m going to post to Instagram every day, and post a roundup here every ten days. Other than that, there are no rules.

With any luck at all, this’ll be enough of a challenge to dig me out of the rut I’ve fallen into these past two months. If it goes well, I’ll plan a second 100-day project to follow, with new rules.

So that’s where I stand: February was kind of meh, but at least I know why, and I’m making plans to make March a more productive month. (And I’m also going to try to get the sketchbook post for March up on the last Monday of the month, like I’m supposed to.)

Let’s do this.