Snapshot #95 | 10 Things for 25 February 2018


1. planning… a photo project that will (hopefully!) get me out of this rut.
2. painting… over more of the awful builder’s beige, one room at a time.
3. waiting… for the books I ordered to arrive.
4. getting… super excited about incredibly boring office supplies. (I found the specific file sorter I’ve been searching for! And it was on sale! 😍)
5. looking… for an interesting cupcake recipe.
6. finding… a skirt that I might actually wear. It has pockets!
7. admitting… that that new regular feature for the blog is actually a couple of weeks away. Oops.
8. obsessing… over inspiration and mood boards.
9. working… out the details for one rewrite, and trying very hard not to think about the draft I just finished at all.
10. starting… to think about running again. The weather’s been decent enough lately….

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