Snapshot #94 | 10 Things for 11 February 2018


1. playing… Shirley Manson and Fiona Apple’s cover of ‘You Don’t Own Me’ on endless repeat.
2. feeling… frustrated. And strangely optimistic.
3. wishing… that the good (convenient) cinema had an opening-week screening of Black Panther that wasn’t in 3D.
4. looking… for a new healthy(ish) snack. I’m a little bored with my recent go-to.
5. planning… another new feature for the blog. Fingers crossed, it’ll debut this week. (Or maybe next week… we’ll see how it goes.)
6. watching… The Force Awakens. Finally. So good, though this is the second Star Wars film in a row that’s made me cry in the theatre.
7. reading… all of the Star Wars analyses and thinkpieces I’ve had saved since December.
8. cleaning… out my closet. I’ve still got too much stuff, but at least I can find it all now.
9. getting… tired of all the rain.
10. outlining… the next story, and resisting the urge to reread the one I just finished.