Finding my way back into a writing routine.

After taking some time off over the holidays, I’m starting to ease back into writing again. (Technically speaking, I started last week, but that was only two very short writing sessions, so I’m not counting it.)

It’s been… interesting.

December pretty much destroyed all the good habits I’d built up during November, and trying to get back to them hasn’t been easy. I haven’t quite lost the flow of the story, but it does feel like the things are dragging right now, even though they’re not. It’s just that I’ve been spending weeks writing one particular scene in short, scattered bursts, and the scene is pretty much all exposition, and so it feels like these two people have been in this room talking literally forever. Even though it’s only been about 1500 words, and there is actually something going on. But I’ve finally managed to get them out of the room and interacting with other people, and the story feels like it’s moving again.

So, yeah. That’s good.

There are two and a half weeks left in the month. I very much want to wrap this draft up by the first of February, and I’m pretty sure I can do it.

This week was a little better than last week, and next week will be a little better again. I hope. Feel free to yell at me if, by next Friday, I’m still not back up to speed.