Month: January 2018

  • Inspired | January 2018

    I thought that this was going to be a new monthly feature for the blog, but it’s really just a revamp of one that I let slide two years ago. This time, instead of sharing one cool thing every week, I’ll be doing a monthly roundup of all the things (articles, videos, et cetera) that I can’t stop thinking about. Enjoy!

  • Snapshot #93 | 10 Things for 28 January 2018

    Another two weeks! They’ve been interesting. In a (mostly) good way. I’ve been: feeling | wearing | rethinking | discovering | learning | preparing | trying | waiting | getting | debating

  • I was a lazy writer this week. Next week will be better.

    I have been so lazy this week.

    I intentionally took Tuesday off from writing (I had reasons. They were good, and I stand by them), and my schedule on Wednesday meant that my head wasn’t in the game, and I’m not writing today because (apparently) my brain just doesn’t work that way on Fridays, no matter how much I want it to.

    So I only wrote two days this week. But they were good days!

  • It’s been a good writing week! Finally!

    I am officially back on track with my story! My writing sessions still aren’t quite as long as I’d like, but they’re perfectly reasonable, and the words are flowing nicely again.

    And it’s not a minute too soon – I’ve reached the point where everything is falling apart (in the best possible way), and I’m feeling really good going into this last stretch. It’s a fun story to write.

  • Snapshot #92 | 10 Things for 14 January 2018

    It’s the first Snapshot of 2018! And, really, the first one in almost a month, because… just because, really. Anyway, I’ve been: searching | falling | wishing | slipping | thinking | catching | looking | baking | trying | starting

  • Finding my way back into a writing routine.

    After taking some time off over the holidays, I’m starting to ease back into writing again. (Technically speaking, I started last week, but that was only two very short writing sessions, so I’m not counting it.)

    It’s been… interesting.

  • Looking Ahead to 2018

    Looking Ahead to 2018

    The last few years, I’ve chosen a watchword to take me into the new year, a small mantra to remind me of my goals, both big and small.

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