Snapshot #92 | 10 Things for 17 December 2017

2017 Project365 #350 | Reghan Skerry


1. searching… for simple (but nice!) unscented candles. When did they become so difficult to find? (Scented candles do not belong on the dinner table. And yet.)
2. accepting… that I’m just in a weird headspace right now, and the only real creative work that will be done for the rest of the year is making plans for 2018.
3. reminding… myself that I tend to blow things out of proportion. It’s never as bad/weird/whatever as I imagine it’s going to be.
4. listening… to DJ Riko’s Merry Mixmas 2017. I say it every year, but these mixes are amazing, and they always put me in the Christmas spirit. (I’ve been downloading these mixes every year since 2005.)
5. rolling… my eyes at USPS package tracking. I’m getting updates every day (which Canada Post could learn from, btw), but my parcel keeps bouncing back and forth between San Francisco and Denver.
6. getting… myself motivated for the upcoming review & goalsetting session. It’s one of my very favourite things, and I think this year’s going to be a good one.
7. freaking… out just a little bit. I felt like I had plenty of time before Christmas and the new year… until I didn’t.
8. making… gingerbread cardamom waffles. (Like: literally, at the moment this post goes live, that’s what I’m doing.) It’s turned into a bit of a tradition on the day that I decorate the tree. They’re so good.
9. trying… to catch up with everything I ignored during NaNoWriMo. (Oh, look: Pinterest has fixed the issue with the feed, but it’s still so full of ads that I don’t want to bother.)
10. wondering… if the extended metaphor I came up with the other day is actually the seed of a story. (It could be a pretty badass YA thing. Or it could be Marvel fanfic that I’m never ever going to write. Even if it would be cool.)