Snapshot #91 | 10 Things for 3 December 2017


1. thinking… seriously about my plans for next year. It’s going to be interesting.
2. realizing… that I’m a little bit behind on all of my regularly scheduled posts (including this one)… I’ll try to get to that this week.
3. surviving… NaNoWriMo! Now I just have to finish writing the story. And revising it. And get back to work on that other thing I was working on.
4. decluttering… my phone. (Always finding new and inventive ways to procrastinate… I’m only kind of joking.)
5. hoping… that nothing sabotages my running plans this week. Mostly because I’m ready to stop for the season (it’s getting icy), and I’d really like to end on a high note.
6. watching… the Infinity War trailer over and over again, because of course I am.
7. trying… to keep the NaNo momentum going.
8. starting… my Christmas shopping, and freaking out a little.
9. tidying… up the balcony. I keep getting sidetracked by the weather.
10. making… hot chocolate.