Snapshot #90 | 10 Things for 19 November 2017


1. feeling… like it’s time for a big decluttering session. I just wish I had the time right now… maybe after NaNo? But then I’ve got the holidays to think about….
2. writing… difficult scenes. But good scenes.
3. realizing… that I’ve got material for two or three decent blog posts. Hm….
4. solving… my bullet journal dilemma. Maybe. I’m making progress, at least. (More later, I hope.)
5. starting… to rebuild my running routine after the disaster that was October. At this point, I’m hoping to keep it up for another three weeks, and then I’ll happily set it aside until spring.
6. finalizing… my holiday baking plans. I think. (Definitely)
7. thinking… about my writing and creative process, and the changes I want to make going into 2018.
8. wishing… that Matcha‘s sync problems had been fixed in time for NaNoWriMo, but since that didn’t happen, I just really want them to be fixed ASAP. (If anyone can recommend another good iOS markdown editor that looks nice and has Dropbox sync, let me know.)
9. digging… out my sweaters. It’s time. Finally.
10. drinking… lots of coffee. ❤️