Snapshot #87 | 10 Things for 8 October 2017


1. stocking… up on index cards and coloured pens. ❤️
2. trying… to narrow down my choices for this year’s Christmas baking marathon. I have too many recipes.
3. updating… my portfolio. I absolutely love the surfing photos I took this summer.
4. dealing… with a cold. It hasn’t been terrible, just bad enough to destroy my attention span and make me want to sleep all the time. But I think I’m getting better now.
5. starting… to think about my goals for next year. Yes. Already.
6. swooning… over the Super Nintendo Classic. I kind of need one. Hearing the music for Star Fox 2 triggers the same adrenaline rush that the original did when I was 13. (And the Legend of Zelda music might’ve made me tear up, just a little.)
7. making… cranberry sauce and a pumpkin tart.
8. watching… Star Trek: Discovery. It’s really good so far.
9. getting… caught up on my Project 365 posts. I’m so close! I am determined to get through the rest of the year without falling behind again—this has been painful.
10. daydreaming… about tiny little apartments with amazing windows. (This is not a new thing for me.)