Month: October 2017

  • Sketchbook #28

    It turns out that getting three colds in the span of a month – and dropping Thanksgiving in in the middle of that – doesn’t exactly do wonders for my creativity or productivity.

    Who knew?

    So… yeah. October wasn’t a fantastic month.

    Really, I’m fine with it. It wasn’t great, but in general, I’m happy with what I have been getting done under the circumstances.

  • Project365: #295-301

    2017 Project365 #301 | Reghan Skerry

    Seriously. This week. This month.

    I’m getting kind of bored with dealing with colds/flus/et cetera. I don’t handle being sick very well anyway, and spending so much time resting is getting on my nerves.

  • NaNoWriMo 2017 Diary | Prep Week 5

    It’s been a really good week on the NaNoWriMo-prep front.

    Well. Mostly. It started out good.

    It started out good enough that I’m not worried about the fact that I’ve come down with yet another cold (or possibly a mild case of the flu this time?), and I haven’t made any real progress the for the last day or so.

  • Project365: #288-294

    2017 Project365 #292 | Reghan Skerry

    Admittedly, this hasn’t been the most interesting week for photography. It started off strong, but, as I mentioned before: it’s really difficult to come up with something interesting to photograph when you’re not feeling great.

  • Snapshot #88 | 10 Things for 22 October 2017

    The last two weeks would’ve been better if I didn’t keep getting colds. Still, I’ve been: loving | looking | making | enduring | starting | staying | daydreaming | hoping | thinking | exploring

  • NaNoWriMo 2017 Diary | Prep Week 4

    I’ve written my synopsis!

    I still don’t have a working title, and I keep wavering between whether my story counts as sci-fi or fantasy (I mean… everything in it is based on “science,” but none of it is remotely realistic, and in the end it comes down to “I dunno… maybe aliens? Magic?”), but I have a synopsis, and I really like it.

    Last year was the first time I bothered writing a synopsis for NaNo. I’d just never seen the point before – I knew what my story was, I had a full outline, so a synopsis felt like another variation on the theme. And… yeah. It kind of is. But it’s still really helpful.

  • Project365: #267-287

    2017 Project365 #283 | Reghan Skerry

    I’m completely up-to-date on my Project 365 photos!

  • NaNoWriMo 2017 Diary | Prep Week 3

    The bad news is, I didn’t get a lot of prep work done this week. The good news is, I knew that was going to happen – my schedule’s been… weird this week.

  • Snapshot #87 | 10 Things for 8 October 2017

    Usually, I say that it doesn’t feel like two weeks have passed already. This time, it feels like three months have passed. Anyway. I’ve been: stocking | trying | updating | dealing | starting | swooning | making | watching | getting | daydreaming

  • Project365: #253-266

    2017 Project365 #255 | Reghan Skerry

    Ok. So. The problem – one of the problems – with running behind on posting my Project365 photos is that it gets tricky to keep track of the actual numbers. (I numbered one of the photos incorrectly in the last two weeks, and only just noticed it today.)

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