Snapshot #86 | 10 Things for 24 September 2017


1. realizing… that I really need to organize my notes in Evernote. It’s kind of a mess right now.
2. finishing… the edits on all the photos I took in August.
3. thinking… about the next painting. I have ideas. I’m going to have to do a few experiments.
4. reaching… 5K in my (no-longer-C25K) running plan! Of course, on the run that immediately followed that one, I managed to do something to my ankle, but… whatever. It’s a setback, but nothing I can’t handle.
5. discovering… a local grocery delivery service! I’ve wanted one for ages. (Putting the link here so I remember it in the future.)
6. learning… that the cat that’s always hanging around the parking lot seems to have people. Which means I’m not going to attempt a rescue mission, because I don’t want to steal someone’s cat.
7. looking… for the perfect shimmery/metallic grey nail polish. (I don’t want silver, or glitter, and I’ve got five or six different shades of black. But I really want something in the pewter-gunmetal range.)
8. studying… character development in preparation for NaNoWriMo. (And generally starting to get serious about my NaNo plans.)
9. starting… to think ahead to fall. (Fall-that-feels-like-fall, not this late-summer thing we’ve got going right now.) I want to start baking again, and wearing scarves, and… yeah.
10. cleaning… up the archives. I think I’m just about finished the new design. I’ve still got a few little details to take care of (obviously), but… I’m getting there.