Snapshot #85 | 10 Things for 10 September 2017


1. finishing… up the move to the new webhost. The big things are done, now I’ve just got to find + fix all the little problems.
2. wondering… whether the new cat in the neighbourhood is a stray, or just an outdoor cat who likes to hang around the parking lot. She’s the friendliest little thing.
3. starting… a different running program. The C25K plan I’d been following wasn’t working for me. (I hit a plateau, and then I got bored, and then… yeah.) The new plan is more challenging, more interesting, and seems to be working better for me.
4. baking… bread again. It’s finally cool enough to think about turning the oven on. (I might actually be making cookies sometime soon.)
5. looking… forward to the new IKEA store. Like… I’m really excited. (Bookshelves!)
6. making… up my mind. I know what I’m going to write for NaNoWriMo. Now the planning starts.
7. editing… photos.
8. losing… my love for Pinterest. It’s been awful lately: so many ads, the new algorithm makes my carefully-curated feed absolutely useless, and their stats don’t make any sense.
9. trying… about a hundred different productivity systems, and finally (hopefully) starting to find something that works for me.
10. watching… The Defenders. (And catching up on Ripper Street.)