Snapshot #84 | 10 Things for 27 August 2017


1. feeling… productive. I’ve been reviewing my to-do list setup and schedule, and… I think it might be working for me? Maybe? The whole thing’s still a work in progress.
2. making… ice cream. It’s been a few weeks. (This week: Rocky Road House, from the Big Gay Ice Cream cookbook.)
3. researching… web hosts. It’s time to move. Unfortunately, it was a lot easier to navigate this stuff… 14? 15?… years ago when I last had to think about it. This also means that things are going to be a little bit weird around here in the next few weeks… and I’m probably looking at a full redesign, just because.
4. editing… photos. I’ll be ready to share them soon. (Though… probably not until the redesign is finished. Maybe keep an eye on my Instagram.)
5. missing… pink hair. I might have to go back sometime soon.
6. putting… together a list of everything I need to do to get ready for NaNoWriMo. It’s… a lot of stuff.
7. rethinking… my running program. The C25K plan I’ve been following didn’t quite click for me, so it’s time to try a different approach.
8. thinking… of new ideas, and expanding old ones.
9. trying… not to get overwhelmed by all the things I have to do over the next couple of weeks and months.
10. wishing… the neighbour cat didn’t have to move. She’s awesome, and I miss her already.