Snapshot #83 | 10 Things for 13 August 2017


1. hoping… for good weather. It’s been so humid lately.
2. thinking… about a new feature or two for this site.
3. running… a day or two behind on my Project 365 posts… again. Grr. (I mean, I’m almost up-to-date. But not quite.)
4. getting… more and more frustrated with Pinterest every day. Not only are the ads getting more and more obnoxious (I don’t object to ads in general, but in practice these ones are seriously annoying), but they’ve apparently stopped showing my feed in any kind of order (so I’m missing new stuff and seeing old stuff over and over again), and, the last two days, it’s been impossible to pin images from anywhere but the site itself. It’s maddening.
5. finishing… my painting! I haven’t put it up yet (there are reasons), or even decided which way I want to orient it (the joys of abstract art!), but the painting itself is done!
6. looking… at new to-do lists and productivity systems. This is sort of a week off for me, so it feels like a good time to reevaluate how I do things.
7. taking… Lucy for her annual terrorize-the-vet’s-office visit. (They’ve actually said that she doesn’t need to come back next year. Unless there’s an actual reason, they’re perfectly fine with her only coming in when she needs to have her vaccinations updated.)
8. buying… that new camera bag I was thinking about. So far, I love it… the real test is going to be this week.
9. falling… out of love with Twitter. It makes me a little sad, but… yeah. I keep feeling like I should use it more, but I don’t really want to.
10. making… early plans for NaNoWriMo.