Snapshot #82 | 10 Things for 30 July 2017


1. falling… in love with even more kittens.
2. catching… up on my Project 365 posts! Finally! (The big roundup will be here later today.)
3. taking… care of the balcony plants. It’s really late, but they’re finally officially planted.
4. thinking… about my game plan for this year’s NaNoWriMo.
5. working… on my painting.
6. debating… whether or not I should buy a new camera bag. (I don’t really need one, but the ones I have don’t meet my requirements, at all. And the one I’ve got my eye on is on sale, and… ugh.)
7. watching… Iron Fist (meh), Riverdale (so much fun!) and Orphan Black (so good!).
8. getting… ready to maybe eventually make a few very minor changes around here. Or maybe some big changes? I don’t know. I just feel like it’s time for a change.
9. making… my favourite coffee ice cream. (Recipe in the Big Gay Ice Cream cookbook.)
10. hating… the humidity. Always.