Snapshot #78 | 10 Things for 4 June 2017


1. wondering… when the weather is going to cooperate with my C25K schedule. (I could run on my rest days, but I’ve got other workouts scheduled then, and… yeah.)
2. loving… this amazing Wonder Woman tribute. (Have I mentioned how excited I am for the Wonder Woman movie? Because I’m really excited.)
3. looking… for a new bread recipe. It’s been a while since I tried something new.
4. trying… to actually post to Twitter occasionally.
5. thinking… about story: the stories I’m trying to tell, and the stories I’m consuming, and the stories that genuinely speak to me.
6. remembering… that there’s ice cream in the freezer. (Not homemade. Still. Ice cream.)
7. feeling… ambitious. My to-do list for June is… quite a bit longer than my lists for the last few months have been.
8. signing… up for the Seven Swanky Scenes Challenge. It’s been ages since I wrote anything in script format, and I miss it.
9. getting… a little bored with taking photos of flowers. And yet I can’t seem to stop.
10. planning… a few food-related projects for the summer. I’ve got too many recipes I’ve been meaning to try.