Snapshot #77 | 10 Things for 21 May 2017


1. looking… for inspiration.
2. thinking… about the ice cream I’m going to be making this summer. I’ve already got some recipes in mind. (The weirdly hot weather this week has helped.)
3. spending… just a little bit too much money. 😐 Time to bring that back under control.
4. listening… to a lot of grunge and mid-’90s alternative music. Chris Cornell’s death hit me harder than I would’ve guessed, and it’s made me dig out a lot of music that I used to adore.
5. feeling… frustrated. (With my purses & bags, specifically. None of them are quite working the way I need them to right now…. Though, I might have found a solution to at least some of my problems. Maybe.)
6. daydreaming… about tiny studio apartments with exposed brick walls. (This is not a new, or particularly unusual, thing for me.)
7. drinking… iced coffee. ❤️
8. getting… ready to start that painting. (Still. Again? Either way, I’ll probably start the actual work in the next week or so.)
9. starting… to cultivate a new(ish) obsession. It’s tied in with some of the plans I’ve been hinting at the last few weeks.
10. making… progress on the second draft of the NaNoWriMo story. Slowly, but there is progress.