Project365: #134-140

2017 Project365 #135 | Reghan Skerry

I wasn’t feeling even remotely inspired at the beginning of the week. Can you tell? (You can probably tell.)

But things balanced out, as they always seem to do, and by the time Saturday rolled around, I didn’t feel like the week was a total loss. (I do still think I should have started doing these recap posts every month, instead of every week. It seems like talking about this stuff is harder—and more repetitive—than taking the actual pictures.)

That said: when I posted Friday’s picture on Instagram, I said that I really need to use my other cameras more often. And I do. I need to use the Lomo’Instant more often, I need to use my DSLR more often, and… well, the film cameras aren’t practical for this particular project (at least, not the way I’m approaching it), but I should dig them out and play with them again sometime soon. I don’t know exactly how I want to approach things (I’ve been thinking about doing an all-Instax week, or even just making sure that one photo every week is an Instax print), but I really need to stop relying on my phone so much.