Month: May 2017

  • Project365: #141-147

    Project365: #141-147

    Looking at these pictures, you can probably tell: I had basically no motivation or inspiration this week. I’m still taking photos of flowers, because it’s spring, and that’s still something of a novelty, but that’s about it.


  • Sketchbook #23

    This has been such a weird month, creatively.

    It seems like I say that – or some variation on that – every month (which should probably tell me something), but… yeah.

    First off: my schedule. I’ve changed my workout routine, which has had an impact on everything else I do through the day. And the impact has (mostly) been good: I can start writing a little bit earlier in the day, which fits my natural creative cycles better, and which means I meet my targets a little bit earlier, freeing up time for other things.

    So that’s good.

  • Project365: #134-140

    Project365: #134-140

    I wasn’t feeling even remotely inspired at the beginning of the week. Can you tell? (You can probably tell.)

  • Snapshot #77 | 10 Things for 21 May 2017

    The last two weeks in two minutes. I’ve been: looking | thinking | listening | feeling | daydreaming | drinking | getting | starting | making

  • Project365: #127-133

    Project365: #127-133

    This week. Ugh.

  • Project365: #120-126

    Project365: #120-126

    In any given week, I can manage one or two good photographs. (Usually. Sometimes more, sometimes not even that.) There’s usually one or two terrible photos, and the rest are ok.

  • Snapshot #76 | 10 Things for 7 May 2017

    The last two weeks have been… more eventful than I realized, actually. (I kind of feel like I say that a lot, but… yeah. It’s true.) I’ve been: feeling | making | rewriting | getting | starting | baking | playing | cursing | hoping | thinking

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