Snapshot #74 | 10 Things for 9 April 2017


1. fixing… a weird problem with the site. (Basically, if you looked at the site a little more than an hour before this post went live… there was nothing here. At all.) I’ve got the issue itself sorted, but there might still be a few little problems. Trust that I’ll have it cleaned up in a day or so.
2. working… on two different story outlines (one new, one for draft 2 of the NaNoWriMo novel). I’m having way more fun than I expected.
3. having… one of my occasional creative/existential freak-outs. It only lasted two days! This is progress!
4. running… into problems with the tote bag I’ve been making. (This is why I shouldn’t improvise this kind of thing.) The project’s on hold while I sort out the logistics.
5. re-watching… Prison Break. Not the whole thing… just enough to remind myself where we left off before I start watching the new season.
6. finalizing… plans for the huge painting that I’ve kinda-sorta been planning for a few years now. I will get it done within the next few weeks. (… and I’ve already started planning a second painting. So.)
7. doing… a little research. I have plans.
8. looking… for a good casual game for iOS. (Since I started limiting my news & Twitter browsing, I’ve got weird little empty blocks of time that I don’t know what to do with.)
9. playing… with HeroMachine. I suppose it’s technically procrastination, but I have my reasons, and it’s not a complete waste of time.
10. making… deep dish pizza, for the first time in ages. So good!