Snapshot #72 | 10 Things for 12 March 2017


1. shopping… for new makeup and workout gear.
2. thinking… about storytelling in general, and my next project in particular. It’s going to be interesting.
3. spending… an entire day reviewing & rebooting my goals. (I’m trying to do that once a quarter… so far, so good.)
4. feeling… all the inspiration and motivation that goes along with that. (And a little bit of anxiety, because.)
5. eating… Cadbury Creme Eggs.
6. having… a bit of a ’60s girl group moment.
7. taking… advantage of the time change. It’s the one day a year that the cat lets me sleep in.
8. reading… my NaNoWriMo draft. It… well. It needs a lot of work. But it’s not terrible. I’m still really looking forward to draft two.
9. working… on the tote bag. Still. It really is almost done, but I’ve got to pick up a few bits of hardware before I can wrap it up. (Also: I’m improvising the whole thing, so I keep having ideas that I want to incorporate. They’re not all successful.)
10. settling… on a recipe for Easter dessert. (Turns out, I’m going for cheesecake after all.)